Why Won’t Happy Customers Write A Review?

Why Won’t Happy Customers Write A Review_

Have you ever wondered why customers happy with a service or product still won’t write a review? Some people don’t want to reveal that they are a customer of a certain product. It could also be that the customer was happy but not overly impressed with your business to be inspired to write a review. People like to be wowed so if your business didn’t wow them then they will most likely not write a review.

Key Takeaways:

  • Not all business have goods or services that customers feel comfortable talking about publicly.
  • Some business just don’t make enough of an impression to generate social chatter.
  • If a business has a certain social reputation, customers with views that differ from those already stated by others can be reluctant to disagree.

“Often there is a weak social link between the business and the customer.”

Read more: https://www.getfivestars.com/blog/wont-happy-customers-write-review/

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