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Use reviews

93% of prospective customers read online reviews about a local business before they decide if a business is good or not.

Trust reviews

85% of consumers trust online reviews a much a referrals from friends.

Ignore old reviews

77% of consumers think reviews older than 3 months are not relevant

If people see that your business has no reviews or worse still some negative feedback or reviews, your ability to do business as a company will be badly hampered.

Businesses get a 58% boost in sales when they get good reviews and they lose an estimated 30 customers for each bad review.

Source: Bright Local

Here's How Online Reviews Drive More Business For You 

The new fresh online reviews do many good things for your business. In fact they're probably the most cost-effective marketing tactic you can deploy right now.

The cost-effective because it literally takes two minutes at the end of each service encounter to set up the process of collecting a review from the customer and getting an online.

The effects of online reviews are compounding on many stages of your marketing and sales funnel.

Better Google Rankings = More Visibility

New fresh online reviews increase your Google ranking. Fresh online reviews are an important aspect of ranking your business in the Google My Business listing three pack.

Having reviews on your website can also improve your website's SEO and ranking.

Obviously, if you have better rankings your website and your Google My Business listing is seen more often by people searching for the services provide and therefore you're more likely to get traffic and customers.

Improved Visibility On Search Page = More Clicks

If you look at any search result, the gold stars the Google my business listing and on the Google search result page make your Google listing for your website stand out from the rest of the stars

If your website or Google my business listing is more prominent, it's true that it's going to get more clicks through from the Google listing to the website itself. The high visibility just drives more traffic.

More Click Throughs = More Website Visitors

When you have good reviews, potential customers are more likely to trust your business because online reviews are real and am biased they are written by real customers whom potential customers can relate to. They come across like personal recommendations.

When potential customers are looking for a service like you offer, they have a range of options available to them when they search. They can click on Google ads, they can click on other Google my business listings, and they can click on any of the websites including aggregators like true local one flair et cetera.

If they see a listing with good reviews and they know they can trust it then they are far more likely to click through to it or call the number on the listing. Hopefully this is yours.

In recent surveys by bright local, businesses with five-star ratings got 69% of the clicks and businesses is one and two stars<35% of the clicks businesses with no stars are rainy clicked 40% of the time.

Higher Conversions = More Customers and Sales

In conversion testing,  it's proven over and over again that adding testimonials and reviews to a landing page increases conversions. The increasing conversion rate can be between 50 and 300% depending on the situation.

By having reviews and testimonials on your website you can reasonably expect to over double the conversion rate of website visitors to prospects or leads and the fact that they will actually contact your business by phone call and/or the contact form on the website.

You can also use reviews in your quotes and proposals to increase the conversion rate after you have issued these the customers. The social proof from the other customers is very strong

Better Business Process = More Referrals

While you may feel that you're totally in touch with everything your customers think about your business and how they experience your business, it's unlikely you'll ever get to the bottom of the truth without some form of process of asking them how they felt about their experience in working with you.

And if you're not managing the customer experience of your business then you're essentially flying blind about how you doing with customers and what they're like say about you while you're not there in the background. So measuring customer satisfaction with the service experience, even if it doesn't translate to an online review is very important in terms of understanding and managing your business process and improving your word-of-mouth referrals over time.

It's also important for competing against others so you can be sure that your business process is the best it can be.

Point of Difference = More Conversions

Many local service businesses have a problem answering the question why am I better and different from everybody else that the customer could choose when they are looking for someone to help them out to get the job done.

This usually has two major problems. First it creates a race to the bottom pricing because everybody looks the same to the customer and they end up choosing who to use to get the job done by choosing on the basis of price.

Second many local businesses say while we provide better customer service, but they don't have any facts to back that up so it's just a random assertion that the customer doesn't trust. When you've got a whole pile of online reviews from other people like the customer, then this is powerful social proof that the customer does trust and therefore you can backup your service proposition of having better local customer service than your competitors.

Now all of these benefits are additive and compounding. So if you get a slightly increased rank in Google because of your reviews and you get a increased flow of traffic from Google to your website because of the reviews and you get an increase conversion of website visitors to Leeds and an increased version conversion of those leads to customers imagine how powerful it would be for your business. Even a 10% increase in each of those is not just a straight 40% increase it's a near 50% increase in sales.

And that's all happening just for asking the customer for a review and popping the customers name phone number and email address into the review system. Two minutes work per customer, for massive additive benefits in the flow of leads and sales

Collecting reviews and getting them online is likely to be the most cost-effective promotion you can do for your business. It’s particularly easy if you to ask for a review at the end of each service delivery and use a system like RepBuilder to make that happen with minimal involvement in time by you.

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Who We Can Help With Online Reviews

If you want more customers, clients or guests, RepBuilder will work brilliantly for your business. It’s especially powerful for services that others are prepared to talk about.

Animal Health


Personal Services

Home Services


Health & Beauty

Financial Services


Here's How The RepBuilder Online Review System Helps You With Getting And Managing  Reviews

Easy to use - so review requests get done

Just enter the Customer's name, mobile number and email address into the simple QuickAdd form at the end of the service delivery and we do the rest

You can also add the location, service vehicle or service persons details. 

SMS and / or email requests - so review requests are seen

RepBuilder will automatically send an SMS or email message to your customer asking for feedback.

SMS has much higher open and completion rates then email and offers the three tap review.

Automated follow up - you get more reviews for less effort

Of course, people are busy and some don't leave feedback when you ask.  RepBuilder has a fully customisable process for request follow up for those who do not leave internal feedback.

Bad review catcher - can stop negative feed back going online

RepBuilder treats good reviews differently than bad reviews.

For people who leave a negative review, RepBuilder offers them different process. Customers who have given a negative review are not offered the chance to go online and leave an online review.

Instant alerts so you can act fast when you need to

This is especially helpful for negative feedback, as you can get right on top of the situation and make it better for the customer. If you can fix the problem with the customer, 7 in 10 will stay and many will become advocates of your business.

Get reviews on sites that matter - like Google

You can set up a range of review sites to suit your business needs. This allows you to direct customers to review sites that matter most to your business.

You can also change the review site venues from time to time to make sure your business has new fresh reviews on a wide range of important sites.

Online review control centre - so you can keep track of what's going on

The RepBuilder dashboard shows you how you are doing and helps you with reporting. 

You can see all internal reviews here and reply to external reviews from one place.

A Complete Review Management System

RepBuilder is a complete review system. You can collect internal reviews only or you can get the good reviews online to review venues that matter to your business.

Easily manage your response to reviews and track performance over time at whatever level you want.

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Now you can see why it is important to build and maintain a good image and reputation online!

It's  in your best interests to consider, and act upon what people are saying about your business so that you can gain all the benefits listed above.

That being said, it can be more difficult to maintain a positive online image than you might think. Competitors, disgruntled ex-employees and unreasonable customers can very easily post negative comments and reviews in various social media platforms, blogs and forums.

Searching for them is time-consuming and little can be done to counter these activities once they are posted online.

A good, sound strategy is what your business needs in order to efficiently monitor and maintain a great image for your business.  For many top companies, this is an integral part of their marketing strategy, because the potential of gaining new leads and more sales cannot be overlooked.

Having a negative comment removed is a hard task to accomplish. When it goes viral, then the task becomes nigh impossible.

It's not the end of your business though; there are still ways to counter them, and even turn them around for your company's benefit.To start off this vital task of keeping a good image online, you must first assess your current reputation on the internet.

Ask these questions as guidelines:

  • What do potential customers see when they search for your company on the internet?
  • What type of audience is talking about your company?
  • Are there positive mentions and reviews about your business that balance out the negative ones?
  • Is there inaccurate information shown?

What's Your Great Online Reputation Worth?

RepBuilder costs less than the time you will save each month on contacting and following up customers

Take The Free 7 Day Reviews Challenge

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