October 7

by Vossey

Positive reviews are highly regarded online since they work to give an excellent reputation to online businesses. Positive online reviews mean that one’s business will receive high traffic to their business website, which will, in turn, convert into more business hence more profits made. For this reason, Google requires the reviews to be as genuine as possible. They will remove the reviews that violate their policies, such as reviews including URLs, reviews originating from a similar IP, reviews from fellow employees of a particular organization etc. The logic is to offer a level playing ground for all online businesses and avoid undue advantages.

Key Takeaways:

  • Agencies understand the importance of having an excellent online reputation since it changes the algorithm and could help or hinder your online reputation.
  • The high importance of online Google reviews makes it necessary to have an online reputation management strategy. It’s vital to respond to positive reviews and negative reviews quickly.
  • With reputation management software, businesses can have a team overseeing their online reputation and all reviews left. This allows our team to respond quickly and appropriately.

“Reviews are essential because people rely on Google for business searches over any other platform. They also use Google as a source to find reviews. Positive reviews can help boost traffic to your business and website. Since Google is the primary source of searches, having positive reviews and a solid online reputation will help your visibility when people search for you.”

Read more: https://reviewinc.com/2021/07/30/five-reasons-google-removes-reviews/

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