June 3

by Vossey

This is all about how to write a review. It breaks things down for you and gives you step by step on how to write a review. It is like cliff notes for how to write a review. It is helpful for those who do not know how to write a review and would like a better understanding on how to go about writing a review. It breaks everything down for you and makes it super simple and basic.

Key Takeaways:

  • over the last few years,online review have become a non-negotiable part of every local business onwer and marketers arsenal.
  • from brick and mortal local business to online-only e commerce store almost every business has to participate in online review managent in some way.
  • one review management is for any business that cares about imporving its reputation customer feedback and local search presence.

“Online reviews are one of the biggest local ranking factors. In fact, according to local SEO experts, online reviews are the second-most important thing to pay attention to in local SEO.”

Read more: https://www.brightlocal.com/learn/online-reviews-complete-guide/

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