May 31

by Vossey

We live in a word now where things aren’t always typed out. This new age has its own problems when talking about voice search operations. Diction and the ability to properly detect what a person is saying is an on going problem. Natural voice, slang and accents are the biggest components to creating a successful voice search software. One of the best ways to determine if your software is working is to look at the analytics and see how many people are using voice search and at what success rate.

Key Takeaways:

  • Researching questions that consumers are asking relating to your client’s products and/or services
  • The query AC service returned a search result for Carrier’s website and then a few other options.
  • There is more to ranking in voice search besides this, however. I analyzed ranking factors that influence voice search awhile back

“Instead of talking about Google My Business today, I’m going to mix it up and talk about the importance of voice search optimization.”

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