How to Eliminate High-Effort Customer Experiences

Eliminate High-Effort Customer Experiences

Streamlining customer experiences is a necessary step in the right direction for web services. Doing so can help retain customers and keep them happy. It turns out that just going for client satisfaction may not be enough. Oftentimes it may not equate to prolonged loyalty and referrals.

Clients don’t want to talk to you overall, but when they must, make it an effortless experience. Customer Effort Score or CES measures the amount of effort exerted by the customer to access support. Surveys after support asking about the experience are the way to find this CES number. This number directly correlates to more customers and more loyal ones.

Some ways to improve your customer experience could include adding a search extension, keywording articles, and having your help content available in-app. If your clients are having trouble contacting you try redesigning your contact us page, your home page or telling someone coming from Facebook to call your phone number.

Good support is predictive of clients’ needs acting as a guide rather than letting them think too hard on a task.

Key Takeaways:

  • When a client describes themselves as satisfied on a survey that does not mean they will necessarily be a repeat customer.
  • It’s important to note that a customer may feel they were treated courteously and their problem solved, yet still find the process getting their frustrating.
  • Procedures that take too long, due to waiting times, forms, automation, rerouting, or other variables, can exhaust customer goodwill, even if the outcome is satisfactory.

“Loyalty refers to the measurable actions of happy customers: an intention to keep doing business with you, upgrading or purchasing again, and referring your business to their family and friends.”

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