May 20

by Vossey

Hiring on a SEO is for getting your company more traffic, not for ranking up. Rank tracking can be a very tedious thing and not many companies use it anymore, as it has several complications. The location of someone’s business has huge benefits to getting more and new traffic. The high viewing levels is what is really trending and actually bringing more companies that traffic and purchasing from consumers that they have been looking for.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you are using rank tracking to see local results you will not see a real representation of what people in that area actually see.
  • Most business owners focus on key words, or “vanity terms”, and nothing else ends up mattering.
  • Its more important to focus on metrics that look at the bottom line, such as organic traffic and leads.

“It’s about your bottom line, and rankings don’t mean squat to your bottom line.”

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