May 24

by Vossey

If there ever was a time to make sure your businesses’ web site is up to date that time is now.
Web sites perform two main functions. 1.) they help people discover information about you if they are looking for the type of service that you provide. 2.) they enable you to provide helpful information to your customers about important aspects of your business like services, location, hours, policies, etc.
There is another service that is provided by Google called Google my business (GMB) which is a template that enables businsss owners to be certain they are touching all the bases that a customer is looking for while at the same time meeting Google’s requirements

Key Takeaways:

  • By having a website with content that is relevant to your audience, search engines will show your URLs among their search results
  • The truth is, there is so much information that someone who is familiar with their own business might take for granted.
  • Offering avenues of connection makes your business feel more accessible and removes some of the apprehension that comes with making a purchase

“Beyond being “findable”, having a website is a powerful ally in serving the needs of customers”

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