July 15

by Vossey

It is very important to use local pages to provide for a consistent presence across multi-business locations as well as to maximise search visibility. When implementing local pages the three strategies to consider are keywords, content and design. Ensure that these are tailored to your target audience to include local demographics. Once this is in place, the location specific details should also be reviewed to ensure that it is relevant to the referenced local page or pages.

Key Takeaways:

  • When optimising your multi-location business’s local pages, you should focus on a keyword strategy, along with a content and design strategy.
  • First, we’ll dive into keyword strategy. Before setting up your local pages, it’s essential to look at keywords relevant to your industry. What keywords are your target audience searching for the most
  • A detailed description of the business
    For your business to rank better in SEO, a detailed description of your business is vital. Let them know the services offered at the specific business location y

“Learn what tactics you should incorporate into your local pages’ strategy to beat the competition and win more sales”

Read more: https://www.meetsoci.com/blog/what-marketers-must-do-to-optimize-local-pages/

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