May 17

by Vossey

One reporter took a long look at the so called Slander Industry. That revealed a lot of growing problems within the print industry as well. Many sites can duplicate a slanderous report, making it a dangerous start to a growing trend. The project has also revealed that reputation websites take advantage of such trends. They sometimes offer $20k packages to remove the content from websites. That means it becomes pricey to rebuff those attacks as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • The sunder should be removed by hiring reputatation management company
  • The unverified claims are on obscure, ridiculous-looking sites, but search engines give them a veneer of credibility.
  • cozier relationships are the norm for reputation mabagement firms use adversarial tactics to get posts taken down.

“My colleague Kashmir Hill and I were trying to learn who is responsible for — and profiting from — the growing ecosystem of websites whose primary purpose is destroying reputations.”

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