March 12

Six Ways To Use Online Customer Reviews In Your Marketing [Video]

So you're collecting all these awesome online reviews for your business.  The question is what should you do with them and how should use them in your marketing?


Hi I'm Hendrik Vos,  Digital Marketing Strategist at ReviewsAce and we're going to look at six places that you can use your online reviews in your other marketing.

Why use reviews in your marketing at all?

Reviews as you know are social proof and in the fact that their social proof they create a point of difference between your business and all the other me to type businesses that operate in the same spaces that you might do.  A lot of businesses look very similar and reviews really create a point of difference.

On nearly every conversion test I've ever seen, and I'd say this is 95% of all conversion tests (of this type), adding reviews and testimonials to sales pages and marketing material increases the conversion rates in total and by as much as three times.

They're also a good way of overcoming some sales objections that people have floating around in the head before they before you even have to get to them and deal with them.

1: Use Reviews Widely On Your Website

You should use reviews on your website. And not just on the testimonials or reviews page on your website. You should use it across the site, on important pages, certainly on your homepage, on your About Us page, on sales pages of your website, on product pages on anything that describes your service.

And if you've got a sales-oriented website, you should use them on the checkout page on the Contact Us page, on the order pages and on the thank you pages.

And lastly, as I said on the sales pages themselves.

2: Use Them In Advertising

You can also use reviews in retargeting ads. So if people have come to your website and looked at some services or products, then you can use reviews to reinforce your market proposition in Google Ads and Facebook retargeting and in YouTube ads.

3: Use Reviews In Your Social Channels

Use reviews in your social channels. You can cross promote your reviews. If you get a review on Google, you can cross-promote on True Local or on Facebook.

It's also quite a good idea to re-purpose the reviews. So if you get a bunch of reviews from somebody about a particular product, there's no reason why you can't put all those together and turn them into a video and place that video on your sales page or on your product page.

4: Use Them In Printed Material

You should certainly use it at all your printed marketing material and your brochures and your letters to customers and in your direct mail to customers. And even in your invoices.

Certainly in your print ads if you've got a poster up somewhere, or a advertising campaign going on in a local newspaper, put reviews in your print ads because they will drive increased conversion of readers to contact you.

5: Add Reviews To Proposals / Quotes / Estimates

Another area where you can use reviews that as you should do is in proposals and quotes.

Now often when you do a proposal or a quote, you talk to the customer, then there's a time before you send the proposal or quote, and the time that happens afterwards.

So you can send reviews to the customer before you send the quote or the proposal to preposition your business is providing great service to justify a higher price or to differentiate you from everybody else.

You should certainly include them in the proposal or the quote so that people can see what they going to get. It's far more important that other people talk positively about your business than it is for you to talk positively about your business and that will make all the difference.

And then the deal often isn't done straight away so you can deliver reviews from customers afterwards to continue to reinforce your value proposition and your messaging.

6: Use Reviews In Customer Communications

And last use it in client newsletters. When you're sending out a newsletter to customers and clients include your reviews and they're not all of them in one go but one after the other to reinforce your positioning.

Use them in your email marketing to reinforce the messaging. And another tip is to include them in your email signature. People can who read your emails can see what you're doing


Use reviews widely in your marketing, it's social proof, it increases traffic and preference. Reviews deliver a point of difference and they can increase conversion rates on all your marketing so they make your marketing more effective and by as much as 300%

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