Do Review Stars In Google Improve Click Rates?

Do review stars on Google Help the click through rate to your website?  In this video I'm going to investigate that.

We're going to look at some recent research about how having customer reviews on your Google listing can improve the conversion of traffic on the Google page through to your website.

You know when you are searching for something online - some times you see review stars like this. 


Review Stars In Google

Does this work to get more clicks?

That's what conversion optimistion experts ConversionXL, set out to find.

They compared two different search engine result page treatments. They basically setup pages with Google review stars and pages without Google review stars to see the difference in people's response to those pages.

And while that type of study has some limitations, it showed that having review stars in the search reult pages improves click through rate to a website by as much as 35%

This makes sense intuitively anyway, because the stars draw more attention to your listing on the Google page and they proove to the google searcher that your business is a good business.

What does this mean for you?

First it means that when your website listing with reivew stars shows up on the Google search result against that listing you're going to get clicks to your website than without stars.

Also it means that if your competitors are doing this (check and see) and they have reviews stars and you don't then they're getting an increased level of clicks - that your business is missing out on.

This increase in clicks gives you a bigger bang for your buck for both Adwords and search engine optimisation work. Essentially it's giving you a 35% improvement in productivity.

So what should you do? 

Make sure you are:

  1. Collecting reviews from your customers
  2. Putting those on your website and
  3. Marking them up with schema markup so Google can recognise them as reviews.

So there you go, review stars in a Google listing are good for business. 

I trust you found that helpful. If you have any questions please contact us or leave them in the comments section below.

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