December 29

by Vossey

Positive online reviews speak for your business often before you can speak for yourself. Potential clients use them to gauge how other customers feel about your services to reduce risk and determine if you’re worth the money.

However, while positive reviews boost your business on Google, engaging and interacting with your clients shows that you care and value their feedback and this helps prospective customers too.

Why Respond To Positive Reviews At All?

When you respond to positive reviews from customers helps increase your visibility in local search engines.

You probably know that the number of reviews that your business has, the speed at which the reviews are generated, and the diversity of sites you have reviews on are some of the most important local ranking factors for Google’s organic results. Even Google has recently stated that reviews play an important part in local search rankings.

You can start engaging your clients by sending emails to them requesting reviews. However, before you start, it’s important that you claim your business listing on industry-specific review sites. Your presence on these digital platforms will let Google and other search engines know that your business actively participates in the local search communities they have built.

Prioritise Customers Who Prioritise Your Business.

Prioritising your time is important to the success of your business.

Therefore, if you only have a few minutes spare, responding to online client reviews, is a very valuable activity. Spend more time replying to reviewers who spend the most time with you.

This means that you should put more effort into longer and more detailed customer reviews. Personalising your responses is also important. Always mention the name of the reviewer and include some characteristics of their experience.

Tips On How To Respond To Positive Reviews From Customers

Infographic about how to respond to positive reviews online

How to respond to positive reviews

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Write the name of your customer

Begin by mentioning the person’s name to create a personal connection. This shows that you care about your customer and it might even help you to remember their names the next time they visit your business or place an order.

Example: “Hello, Clare.”

Express appreciation

Using different approaches to express your appreciation ensures that your clients know that you took the time to read their reviews before responding. You can do this by playing with different wordings.

Example: “Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate you taking your time to share your experiences at Ted’s Plumbing”

Mirror their details

Don’t limit your reply to a thank you, especially when a client has shared a detailed review. Instead, dive into details by mirroring the customer’s review.

Example: “We were happy to help unclog your drain, call us anytime you experience problems with your plumbing.”

Give something in return

Offering your clients something of value in return for their wonderful reviews will make them feel more like VIPs. You can offer a free drink, a new product, a discount, or just free advice.

Example: “Take advantage of our holiday season carpet care; get 20% off same day services.”

Put your business marketing position across

Your reply to a client’s review is public, and it will be read by others including potential clients, so include your marketing position in your review. You can do this by mentioning a reason why your client had a great experience.

Example: “We aim to be the most reliable plumbers in Sydney, so I’m glad this was your experience with us.”

Thank your customers again

Close your response with a thank you. Thank your clients for their loyalty and enthusiasm to advocate for your business.

Example: “Thanks for the awesome review, Jane!”

Share a warm sign-off

Similar to how you would in an email to a friend, sign off with a positive sentiment. You can signal back to their experience or reference when you would want to see them again.

Example: “Come back and see us soon, Martha!”

Importance of Responding to Positive Reviews

Just like other interactions with your clients, reviews help you build a rapport with customers and learn from their comments. Because potential clients read more than one review, providing a well-thought response will improve your standing with customers and prospective customers.

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