Online Reputation An Emerging Risk For SME Clients, Zurich Warns Brokers

Online Reputation An Emerging Risk For SME Clients

Zurich brokers are warning SME clients that have a good online reputation is extremely important. Eighty-nine per cent of people say that online reviews affect what they buy. Zurich is offering courses to businesses to help them learn about online reputations. Insurance companies know how important reputation is for their insured customers.

Brokers are important in adding risk management to a company as they also highlight the issues to clients. As SMEs are different and have different priorities, Zurich aims to help them in a custom fit way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Zurich has issued a warning to brokers about certain existing standards and practices.
  • Online reputation is more important than ever as people make progress in business. Keep tabs on colleagues and maintain a great reputation along the way.
  • There is a solution for online reputation management that will interest many people. An insurance company is responsible for helping people do just that whenever possible.

“As an insurance company, we recognise as extremely important, and want to deliver a tangible solution for.”

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