April 4

by Vossey

Think building up a strong and positive online reputation is only useful if you’re selling products and services online? Think again! A good online reputation has a direct effect on offline sales too.

Local customers often use their smartphones or tablets to look up information on local businesses before they decide whether or not to pop in. So, if they discover you have a bad reputation, they’re unlikely to choose your business over your local competitors.

Word of mouth remains the most powerful form of advertising. Review site popularity has increased dramatically, often being the first place people head to before they buy a product or service. If you have great positive reviews, you’re going to get a lot more business than you would without them.

Therefore, you should actively work to get as many online reviews as possible on a consistent basis.

Being online also boosts your credibility. People can see you’re an actual business who responds to its customers. It shows your business is up-to-date and following the latest trends. It also makes it a lot easier for people to contact you which is also seen favourably by consumers.

Online reviews don’t just provide information on your business to customers directly looking for you. It also helps attract those who may not even realise you exist.

Local searches have soared over recent years. The internet has become the number one place to find local products and services. If you manage to develop a good online review presence, it boosts your search rankings, making it easier for people to find you.

Never underestimate how important a good online reputation is for your offline business. You’ll be surprised at how many additional customers it can send through your doors.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about this profitable foot traffic method.

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