April 10

by Vossey

Let’s face it, getting a negative review for your business can be devastating when you take into account just how important reviews are these days.

However, before you start freaking out, the good news is there are ways you can turn those negative reviews into a positive experience. In fact, many customers have actually changed their negative reviews into positive ones when the business handled the issue appropriately.

Always Reply Quickly

When you receive a negative review, it’s vital you respond as quickly as possible. Yes, it’s hard to read negative things about your business but ignoring them isn’t going to do you any favours. The longer you leave it, the more it’s likely to spiral out of control.

Even if you don’t have a fixed solution right away, it’s still important to let the customer know you have received and acknowledged their complaint before giving a timescale of when they can expect a resolution.

Remain Professional

Tempted to tell the customer exactly what they can do with their negative review? Stop! While posting a sarcastic response might seem gratifying and it may very well shoot you to fame on social media, it’s going to do a lot of damage to your reputation.

It’s absolutely essential that you remain professional when dealing with negative reviews. Keep your cool and try and look at it from the customer’s point of view. No matter how rude they appear to be, shrug it off and remember – the customer is ALWAYS right.

Always Offer A Solution

Finally, you need to make sure you are offering a solution to their problem. Ideally, you’ll want to offer more than one potential solution. This shows you genuinely care about the customer’s experience and you want to make it right. Offer a free gift or a refund if there’s no other possible alternatives.

A few bad reviews won’t necessarily kill your reputation but handling them the wrong way will. Want to learn more about getting more online reviews? Contact us today.

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