September 16

by Vossey

Reviews allow people to express how they feel about certain things. Still, frivolous reviews can often hurt businesses, especially when they are made by someone who is not even a customer. There are a few ways that you can fight back. First, you can do a reverse search on the reviewer’s email address, giving you the IP address location. There is also a website called honeytrap in which you send an email, and when the user opens the email and clicks the link, you get more information on their location. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Tracking IP addresses can help determine who’s defaming your business.
  • An online tool called Spokeo Reverse Email Lookup can help confirm the email address of those making the defaming comments.
  • Employing honeytraps-baiting a target with possible enticing information- can also identify the defamer.

“We know that there are platforms for people to leave reviews, but there are several places online that can also damage your reputation if you aren’t careful.”

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