January 5

by Vossey

Nowadays it is important to promote business not only in offline but also in online. Online reputation management is essential for the promotion. Managing and replying to negative reviews are the things which are highly noticed by the customers. 72% of the people rad the comments and ratings before buying products. It is common among people between the age 18 to 54. If the ratings is lower than 4, 52% of people won’t show their interest in buying products. Therefore it is important to promote your business by using online reputation management and it is beneficiary.

Key Takeaways:

  • make sure online reviews boost your business for the most part
  • managing your online reputation will help drive sales & attract more customers
  • hiring a Reputation Management Agency could immensely help you maintain a good business profile as well

“The quality of your online reviews can be the determining factor that turns a prospect into a customer.”

Read more: https://rizereviews.com/how-online-reputation-management-can-give-your-business-a-competitive-edge/

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