May 10

by Vossey

Client retention is always a top goal for any given business. The simple phone call is perhaps the right option to most people today. The business owner can take strides to improve the customer experience as well. The phone call is exactly what they need to drive the customer numbers. The demand for a service might rise and fall over time. But the customer retention is always a big hit, keeping them around for years.

Key Takeaways:

  • A phone call could be the best decision to make. The business owner can retain customers in that fashion.
  • Some customers are always upset about the calls. They will take a chance to stay with a business.
  • The thoughts from customers are a big deal. They can share their thoughts in a review or survey.

“Most people avoid confrontation even when they are upset about something. But the moment they get a chance to leave their thoughts in a survey or a review, all bets are off.”

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