May 30

by Vossey

If you have a new technology like a review platform in your business, you need to encourage employees to ask customers for online reviews to maximise the benefits of it.

An online platform where customers leave natural organic reviews could be very positive for those looking for a reliable company that offer your type of services.

Most of the time a new concept falls on deaf ears because this involves your employees relearning a skill. And most people get comfortable with a routine. So the question becomes, how do you integrate this technology or software where your employees accept it?

Today, we will go through some helpful tactics to encourage employees to ask customers for online reviews and integrate this type of technology into your business.

Building Trust with Your Employees

Most employees want to do the tasks they are trained for and stick to a method that works for them. However, when a software or technology shows promising results then it will be viable to try it within your business. Your employees might be hesitant to adapt to this software if it requires more training, but if you show them, it will make their jobs easier; they might be more inclined to accept it into their daily routine.

Incentives To Encourage Employees To Ask Customers For Online Reviews

We all know that money drives motivation for your employees. If you happen to give the proper incentives, then your employees will be more inclined to perform better in order that it benefits your company and fills their pockets as well.

There are a variety of ways you can incentivise your employees from vacations, small cash gifts, paid lunches, and even paid time off. One thing that you should never do is give an incentive for a customer as this would be considered a violation of many online terms of service. The goal here is to inspire your employees to adopt the incentives to want to perform better than they already do, inspiring greater sales and customer satisfaction.

A great example of incentives would be like Paul from the “ABC Plumbing Company.”

He tells his clients at their home that it was a pleasure of the ABC Plumbing Company to fix their plumbing issues. He later goes on to explain he gets 2 weeks off for the holiday season, but it’s not paid time off. However, the ABC Plumbing Company is using a new online platform to rate customer’s experience, and if the client mentioned his name (Paul) in a positive review, he would receive one paid vacation day.

We see here that this is an awesome way to inspire Paul to work in the most professional manner, while being kind and well-mannered to the client. This incentive will give your employees motivation to be on their best behaviour and work in a professional courteous way, which in turn will boost customer referrals and sales.

Final Thoughts

When you are trying to boost a technology, or new software platform at your work, it makes sense to give incentives in a creative way that encourage employees to ask customers for online reviews and boosts sales. You might have to experiment with different incentives until you come up with a method that works for you. By building trust and rewarding the positive behaviour you increase a positive adoption of any new technology, or software platform to your business.

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