January 8

by Vossey

Customer Experience is all we have talked about, but, really, do businesses really understand what is customer experience and what would be the impact of such in driving the revenue. First, you need to look at customer experience as a competitive advantage tool. In this digital and physical blended era and more customers are relying on social media posting and KOLs postings, opinions matters. It matters in a way that not only a good experience is expected, but a seemingly personalized experience would make your brand stands out among all competitions and that’s just the first step of creating customer loyalty by boosting your brand’s reputation. Customer loyalty goes hand in hand with retention which is ultimately what leads to increase your sales and revenue. Reports have shown that customer are more willing to stay with a brand and spend more because of the consistent personalized experience that they have received. So in summary, customer experience is the best tool and the most important strategy for your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brand’s should be very aware of how they’re perceived online because of how easy bad experiences spread in these channels.
  • Brand’s should manage and promote their online image to create customer loyalty.
  • The better the brand fosters customer loyalty the better the customer retention would be, which would lead to an increase in sales and revenue.

“Providing an outstanding customer experience can be your most powerful and cost-efficient marketing strategy”

Read more: https://streetfightmag.com/2020/12/22/customer-experience-is-your-best-marketing-tool/

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