May 6

by Vossey

If you really want to improve your reputation and build up your brand online, it’s time to get creative!

Sure you could stick to the tried and tested generic methods, but that’s exactly what your competitors are doing. To become more successful, you need to stand out. In order to do this, you need to offer something different.

So just how can you stand out? Well, you can start with these 3 clever and unique methods…

1. Utilise The Power Of Video

Ok, so video marketing is widely advertised as being one of the most effective ways to draw in new customers, so it’s not exactly a secret. However, it’s how you use the video content that matters.

Creating videos not just to highlight new products and services, but to educate the viewer and provide them with useful, fun content will really boost your reputation.

2. Encourage Interaction With Quizzes

If you’re a member of Facebook, you’ve probably noticed people go crazy for quizzes. While often completely ridiculous, these quizzes are fun for the user to take part in. Why not utilise this love of quizzes and create some on your website?

Now obviously, you’ll need to make them relevant to your business or industry. Adding quizzes and polls encourages interaction which is a critical element of success.

3. Creative Marketing & Branding Campaigns

Creative marketing campaigns really help you stand out from the competition and boost brand awareness. It’s especially effective if you add a story element to the campaign. For example, creating a unique, two-part video ad campaign could help you capture massive consumer interest.

The more you stand out, the better your reputation will become. So start thinking outside the box and watch your reputation soar. Need help? Contact us today.

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