4 Stats Reveal Why Reviews Matter for Local Business

Why Reviews Matter for Local Business

Why reviews matter for local business. Positive reviews are likely to increase the trust customers have in a business or product.

Getting positive reviews is an excellent strategy for small business owners if you want to see your business succeed because most purchases, studies say about 90%, are influenced by them. Getting feedback for your business is just as important, so updating your website with testimonials and improving web traffic by getting and growing reviews on multiple sources is ideal strategy for small business owners.Continue reading

6 Steps to Improve Your Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys Steps To Improve Them

Customer satisfaction surveys are an important part of maintaining exceptional customer happiness and business improvement in a service business, but it is imperative that you are asking the right questions and presenting these surveys to your customers in the right way. Here are six easy and simple steps that you can use to ensure that the best surveys are going out to your customers. It will benefit everyone for you to learn and use these tips in your business.

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How to Handle Angry Customers With Ease

As a business owner or employee, it is vital to be able to engage in a constructive manner with angry customers. Otherwise, they will often badmouth your company to many other potential consumers.

One tip is to ask for and then use a person’s name if they are sharing a complaint, in order to humanize the situation.

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The Impact of Online Reviews on Businesses

The impact of online reviews

Don’t think that online reviews posted by customers mean nothing. They actually have a major impact for many people who depend upon them to make their choices. If there are a lot of negative reviews left for your company, it may very well have a major negative impact on your customers and your profits. Now you can learn about the effect of the reviews, as well as the appropriate way to handle these reviews when they’re posted.

Key Takeaways:

  1. When customers review a certain store with positive reviews, it is more likely for customers to return in a good stance, thus allowing for better business revenues.
  2. A damaging review could cause 1/5 of customers to be scared away.
  3. There are pros and cons to having reviews; however, it is also not good to have no reviews as then people can’t evaluate how good your business truly is.

“Research has also shown that around 86% of potential customers will not purchase products or services from a business with negative reviews.”


Read more: https://www.brightlocal.com/2017/03/15/the-impact-of-online-reviews/

8 Awesome & Easy Ways to Encourage Customer Feedback

8 Ways To Encourage Customer Feedback

In order to really encourage customer feedback,  you should strive to connect directly with your customers. Use emails, live chat, and even surveys to ensure their is a direct connection with your customers and that they care about your business. If a customer feels connected to a business there is a much larger possibility that he will give advice on how to improve the service in order to make it function that much better.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Allow customers to see where they can give their feedback makes it easier for them to want to give feedback. Put it front of them when they visit stores is a good example.
  2. Feedback is all about communicating with your customers and can do so through emails (surveys) on asking how their experience was and by giving them a call.
  3. Don’t make it too long. Don’t bore people. Clear and concise is key.

“Every business owner wants more online reviews. They help with brand trust, rankings, having an edge over the competition, etc. But the fundamental principle of stimulating feedback (both online and offline) is often overlooked on the path to a shiny star rating on Google, Yelp, and so on.”

Read more: https://whitespark.ca/blog/8-awesome-easy-ways-encourage-customer-feedback/

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

How To Respond To Negative Reviews

No matter how amazing your services, there is bound to be an unhappy customer at one point or another, and this person is likely going to leave an online review of this experience. These reviews can be very harmful to your business, but responding is important, even when it is a negative comment. It is essential that you learn the right ways to respond to those reviews, and act upon them with a response quickly.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Through customer reviews, it gives companies a chance to determine what they did wrong and for them to be able to do a service recovery to fix those mistakes.
  2. Reviews give your customers the ability talk directly to your company to determine what they want and how you business can improve.
  3. It is important for you to review what your business did wrong and to fix the customers problem rather than ignoring it and making it the customer’s problem.

“Responding to negative reviews brilliantly displays your business in a good light. And will influence purchase decisions of prospective customers.”

Read more: https://www.customersure.com/blog/how-to-respond-to-a-negative-review/

4 Online Reputation Lessons You Can Benefit From Today

This is an excellent article about developing your online reputation. As a home services business – plumbers, electricians, carpet cleaning, air con and the like, knowing how your customers are feeling about your service is so useful – both for knowing you are doing business right and what your customers might say about you to others. Getting your reviews online is also important.

Why is it important? Well depending on which survey you see, somewhere between 75% and 90% of consumers read online reviews when considering a purchase. A slightly smaller number of us trust online reviews as much as we trust recommendations made by people that we know. Continue reading

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