7 Easy Local Link Building Tactics You Should Be Using

Local Link Building

There are a lot of ways to use local link building. Local organic links are simple links that actually give you what you need. For example, if you need a dentist, if you search dentist you will actually find links to dentists. Citations are also very popular. Say in your article you are typing, you actually mention a person, business, etc, the word will actually be a link to their direct site. This is very useful.

Key Takeaways:

  • People are able to do this to compare how easily they can be found within the group. Including sources, names, and numbers.
  • As a business, it is important as to how you let others perceive you. For an example, letting people know the important information before they click on your website.
  • Local organic results mean that when people search up something, something related to that thing can be found locally near that person.

“Local organic results are the local websites listed within the organic results of a search query with local intent.”

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Tips for Building and Managing Your Online Reputation

tips for building your online reputation

Having a great website is only part of the marketing strategy for a successful online business. One of the most crucial factors in SEO planning for a business in today’s world is building an online reputation. Showcasing the reviews and opinions of other customers is big. But it doesn’t stop there. Not only do businesses need to provide an opportunity for customers to voice their opinions, but they must also respond to those customers. Engaging with customers online is also significant.

Key Takeaways:

  • SEO strategies get businesses listed prominently in search engines and draw in visitors, but it’s the reviews that ultimately garner sales.
  • No matter how great your pitch, people will always want to hear what others have to say about you and your offerings.
  • Getting good reviews and responding quickly, civilly and pro-actively, with solutions, to negative ones, will help your business stay at the top.

“By implementing a professional, ongoing reputation management strategy correctly, you’ll see an increase in web-based leads and sales.”

Read more: https://www.ducttapemarketing.com/build-manage-online-reputation/

The Ridiculous Hidden Power of Local Reviews

the hidden power of local reviews

Local businesses should be aware of the untapped potential of the best customers. The customers can provide a goldmine of online reviews, quotes and recommendations that your business can use to create content online. You just need to manage and curate their content potential. It’s this content that will drive new customers to the business.

Businesses should engage with their best customers online to promote their reviews. Other users will see the business-customer interaction online and realise that business “gets it.” The business gets how its customers operate online.

Key Takeaways:

  • The great thing about browsers that have read your positive review is that they arrive already sold on your site.
  • Besides free press, reviews make you much more visible on search engines.
  • Reading reviews can help you learn what search words customers are using when looking for your service, or product.

“Mine your reviews to learn exactly what kinds of customers have reviewed you, and why.”

Read more: http://www.localvisibilitysystem.com/2017/03/13/the-ridiculous-hidden-power-of-local-reviews-umpteen-ways-to-use-them-to-get-more-business/

Why Social Proof Matters For Your Brand

why social proof matters

Social proof is a concept used to promote products.

It is an opinion or actions to persuade someone into buying. It has made a big comeback through social media. Making this backing for a product can be difficult it will need a word of mouth buzz, before and after photos, testimonies, and a lot of positive reviews.

It can be used to build the brand of your company. With social media being a huge part of today’s society, marketers can use concepts like influencers, reviews and viral marketing to increase business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Social proof basically is just another form of getting people to do what you want them to do.
  • It can be described and found out in every aspect of today’s society.
  • Social proof should be banned but with today’s world everyone needs something to believe in and follow.

“Social proof is the reason many medications will include a tagline like “The #1 recommended medicine by physicians.”

Read more: https://blogs.oracle.com/marketingcloud/why-social-proof-matters-for-your-brand

The Best Customer Survey Questions to Ask

The Best Customer Survey Questions To Ask

Customer service satisfaction surveys benefit your company in many ways, highlighting areas in which your establishment may need improvement. They also give clients a sense of belonging and trust. But, you will benefit only if you are asking the right questions on the survey.

What are the best customer survey questions to ask?

How do you know the right questions to ask on a survey? Here are some of the most important questions for you to ask to get the answers that you really want.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be able to obtain customers needs and wants through customer feedback, these are not just data, but rather solutions.
  • Knowing what customer wants can greatly benefit a company and increase the quality and results of consumer products.
  • When asking customer questions, try to maintain a max of 5 questions to ensure that customers don’t spend too much time and the questions don’t get too confusing or complicated.

“Don’t treat customer feedback as a way to collect data for your business. Think of it instead as giving your customers a dead easy way to tell you what you need to do to keep them.”

Read more: https://www.customersure.com/blog/best-customer-survey-questions/

9 Things To Remember When Collecting Customer Feedback

Collecting Customer Feedback

Getting feedback from your customers is a great way to make them feel respected and for you to gain valuable insight.

There are nine things to remember when you are collecting customer feedback: respondents are customers, respect their time, keep things short, track their journey, own the feedback by taking responsibility for your actions, give a little back, do not generate unnecessary work, don’t waste questions on unneeded data, and don’t employ any gimmicks or tricks.

Key Takeaways:

  • By keeping surveys and other data collection methods short, it shows customers that you are respecting their time.
  • Ideally, feedback should be taken not only after the sale but at different points along the customer’s experience.
  • Since feedback is only useful to the extent that it is used, it is important to respond to all feedback with improvements, thanks and fixes.

“Feedback should be seen as part of the customer journey and can actually affect the customer experience it is trying to measure.”

Read more: http://customerthink.com/9-things-to-remember-when-collecting-feedback/

The Business Benefits of Customer Feedback in 60 Seconds

The business benefits of customer feedback

Good customer feedback benefits your business, your clients and your team, but sometimes you can be asked to justify the investment. Here’s a quick round up.

It gives you confidence that your business is on the right track, peace of mind that another client is secure and feedback from clients is the single most effective way to improve overall satisfaction.

Good reviews also help secure new business. By having proof that customers rate the business highly, it makes the business the obvious choice because the prospect will not feel like they’re taking a risk.

An effective feedback process has to go beyond just asking customers how they are doing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use of customer reviews breeds customer loyalty, thereby generating more repeat business.
  • Proper use of feedback helps garner new clients and ensure that current ones are retained.
  • Using customer feedback creates cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, which can help business beat competitors and enhance their reputations.

“Customer feedback (done right) benefits your business, your customers and your team. Here’s how it gives everyone a stake in improving customer satisfaction and making your business more successful:”

Read more: https://www.customersure.com/blog/the-business-benefits-of-customer-feedback-in-60-seconds/

4 Top Social Listening Tools You Must Use

Social listening tools in 2017

Social listening tools are the gateway that allows you to see what people are saying about your business online. The function most of these tools offer is the ability to search keywords associated with your business by skimming through peoples posts on social media. You can search in a variety of languages and form reports using the information gathered from hashtags and mentions from social media. Monitoring the way the public responds to your business will help you understand how your customers are responding to the improvements you implement.

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