The Secret Sauce to Beating Your Competition with Reviews

The Secret Sauce to Beating Your Competition with Reviews (1)

Many in the restaurant industry recognise the secret sauce as an important ingredient. That simple condiment could be the difference maker for a variety of restaurants.

Beating the competition is a significant goal for anyone with their own business. Use reviews to set a model apart from the competition in any market sector. These reviews can come from dedicated customers or newcomers alike. Read the content and adjust business practices to suit customer interest too.

Key Takeaways:

  • The better the star ratings the better your business. Each star rating increase brings in 5-9% more business.
  • Ask all your customers to give a review but do not reward them for doing so.
  • You should always respond to your reviews, especially negative ones because no response is a response in a negative way.

“First-party reviews have to be completely genuine and you cannot filter out which ones people see when they come to your website.”

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Why Won’t Happy Customers Write A Review?

Why Won’t Happy Customers Write A Review_

Have you ever wondered why customers happy with a service or product still won’t write a review? Some people don’t want to reveal that they are a customer of a certain product. It could also be that the customer was happy but not overly impressed with your business to be inspired to write a review. People like to be wowed so if your business didn’t wow them then they will most likely not write a review.

Key Takeaways:

  • Not all business have goods or services that customers feel comfortable talking about publicly.
  • Some business just don’t make enough of an impression to generate social chatter.
  • If a business has a certain social reputation, customers with views that differ from those already stated by others can be reluctant to disagree.

“Often there is a weak social link between the business and the customer.”

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10 Must Have Tools to Monitor, Analyse and Respond to Brand Mentions

Tools For Tracking Brand mentions

Find out what people are saying about your brand and business and how to keep your customer base happy with these ten digital tools. Learn how these tools can help you keep track of mentions on social media (such as Twitter and Facebook), as well as in content such as blog posts and internet searches.

Analyze the data you find, track trends over time, see visualisations, and be able to engage with social media mentions in real time with other tools on this list. Find out what you need to ensure your brand reputation is a positive one.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keeping customers happy is important in business and catching problems early is critical
  • There are many tools available to monitor your brand, from Free to $700 a month
  • A variety of tools are able to monitor Twitter, Facebook, Google, and more

“Track your competitors’ social media sentiment to discover more potential risks.”

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How To Respond To Positive Reviews From Customers (In 7 Steps)

How to respond to positive reviews from customers

How To Respond To Positive Reviews

Positive online reviews speak for your business often before you can speak for yourself. Potential clients use them to gauge how other customers feel about your services to reduce risk and determine if you’re worth the money.

However, while positive reviews boost your business on Google, engaging and interacting with your clients shows that you care and value their feedback and this helps prospective customers too.Continue reading

Rescue Poor Customer Service Reviews with These Four Steps

There are four simple steps you can take to re-engage your customer service representatives. After all, they are the face of your company and it’s important for them to actually be productive rather than just looking busy. One thing you can do is redefine the customers’ experience by refocusing and being sure your employees know what they’re representing. Second, reduce the clutter so employees have a clean work area which promotes productivity. Third, give rewards when customer service is excellent to encourage this behaviour. Finally, repeat your own best qualities in your representatives. This will allow them to shine.

Key Takeaways:

  • Reactivate and reform your mission statement. This will allow employees to see a set strategy and allow you control of what is most important.
  • Make your business a resemblance of you. This is especially true of customer service.
  • Those who do well on their customer service and continue to improve deserve to be awarded.

“I want to activate my employees, especially my reps, to reach their full potential rather than filling cubicles and cash registers.”

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Do Review Stars In Google Improve Click Rates?

Do review stars on Google Help the click through rate to your website?  In this video I'm going to investigate that.

We're going to look at some recent research about how having customer reviews on your Google listing can improve the conversion of traffic on the Google page through to your website.

You know when you are searching for something online - some times you see review stars like this. 

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How Do You Fix a Bad Online Reputation?

Fix a Bad Online Reputation

It is with great significance that your business should have a good online presence. Studies have shown that having positive comments online about your business is a great way to bring in sales. People can believe and trust more in a business if they read and see positive reviews of your business online. Negative reviews can hurt any company and they stay online once published. The best way to remedy this is to develop a plan to get positive reviews about your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ensure you are set up and active on all major social media platforms with regular positive posts and interactions with your audience.
  • Set up and monitor the top online review sites and check these sites daily to see what your customers are saying about you
  • Publicly display and be proud of your positive reviews on social media, your website, newsletters, print ads

“Getting online reviews is important to prove trustworthiness and is social proof that your company is worth investing in.”

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Location Data + Reviews: The 1–2 Punch of Local SEO

Location Data + Reviews

For any business, online reviews can bring in or drive away customers. But for restaurants, it’s the opinions of others that can make or break them. The basic system for online reviews and how that relates to web search results is fairly complex.

The results returned from a web search that either under-rate or over rate could be costing restaurants business. Reviews that are not indexed by a numeric or a star system might be excluded from the search engines correlation of data. This makes it important that any restaurant that promotes a particular reviewing website, makes sure that their review data is accessible and usable by the major search engines to be correlated. It’s not just the number of reviews or the number of positive reviews that are important. The ratings must also be equally weighted across time to avoid the appearance of them being biased. Avoiding any hints of bias or interference by the restaurant in the process is imperative to maintain integrity in the process.

Responding to online reviews with facts and plans of action to address any perceived shortfalls will also boost the credibility of the business. Trying to make the most of the online review system and using the feedback to improve the quality of service will help resultants market themselves more effectively and get and keep customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Online reviews of your business by customers has become as important as making sure your name, address and phone number can be found easily.
  • The story of your business is being written through customer reviews.
  • Businesses should strive for a steady stream of honest customer reviews rather than a barrage to pump up total numbers.

“Whether they’re stars or circles, the majority of rating icons send a 1–5 point signal to consumers that can be instantly understood.”

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8 Ways to Dominate Your Local SEO Rankings

To maximise brand awareness and online presence, SEO is an important part of your company’s marketing efforts. Without SEO, or at least great SEO, you’re missing out on potential customers and profits. But, that is no longer the case when you learn how to dominate the SEO world. Anyone can do it, improving their local SEO in no time. Use these eight easy techniques, and soon you will be on top of the SEO game; right where you want to be.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is harder than ever to get listed at the top of search engine results because Google has changed their rules for local listings.
  • There are eight improvements that can be made to still garner positive results on organic search rankings on Google.
  • One of the things that can be done is to simulate a local search by changing or adding to the parameters.

“SEOs just have to make a few improvements into their local SEO campaign in order to have the substantial effect on your organic search rankings.”

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