Building A Positive Reputation With Trending Topics

Obviously, glowing customer reviews can boost your online reputation. But there are other things you can do that go hand in hand with reviews.

If you’re a member of any social networking site, you’ll know just how popular trending topics are. They get people talking, cause heated debates and educate users on what’s currently going on in the world.Continue reading

How To Turn A Negative Review Into A Positive Experience

How to turn a negative review into a positive experience

Let’s face it, getting a negative review for your business can be devastating when you take into account just how important reviews are these days.

However, before you start freaking out, the good news is there are ways you can turn those negative reviews into a positive experience. In fact, many customers have actually changed their negative reviews into positive ones when the business handled the issue appropriately.Continue reading

Online Reputation An Emerging Risk For SME Clients, Zurich Warns Brokers

Online Reputation An Emerging Risk For SME Clients

Zurich brokers are warning SME clients that have a good online reputation is extremely important. Eighty-nine per cent of people say that online reviews affect what they buy. Zurich is offering courses to businesses to help them learn about online reputations. Insurance companies know how important reputation is for their insured customers.

Brokers are important in adding risk management to a company as they also highlight the issues to clients. As SMEs are different and have different priorities, Zurich aims to help them in a custom fit way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Zurich has issued a warning to brokers about certain existing standards and practices.
  • Online reputation is more important than ever as people make progress in business. Keep tabs on colleagues and maintain a great reputation along the way.
  • There is a solution for online reputation management that will interest many people. An insurance company is responsible for helping people do just that whenever possible.

“As an insurance company, we recognise as extremely important, and want to deliver a tangible solution for.”

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3 Mistakes To Avoid In Order To Maintain Trust

It doesn’t matter how useful your products or services may be; if your customers and prospects don’t trust you, they’re not going to do business with you. Building up a good reputation and trust is vital to your success, yet there are a few mistakes you could be making right now that are killing it.

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How To Ask For Customer Reviews Of Your Business

How to ask customers to review your business

Most business owners are scared to ask for reviews, fearing rejection or denial. Here’s how to get over it and ask customers to review your business!

Why Ask For Customer Reviews?

In short, good online customer reviews help you grow and manage your business.

Without customer feedback, how can you be sure your service delivery is meeting the expectations of your customers?

You can’t be sure if you don’t ask.

Online reviews are one of the best ways for customers to share their experience with your company with others.

It’s important to remember that most industries can benefit from customer reviews. For businesses that belong to a trade outside of the norm, it’s important to reach out to your customers and let them know just how important their opinion is.  Let them know that leaving an online review would be appreciated – both by the business and the community at large who also benefit from online reviews.Continue reading

5 Tips To Improve Your Online Reviews And Boost Your Business

5 Tips to Improve Reviews

Increasingly, reviews have become a vital tool for consumers seeking information on a particular business with up to 53% of individuals making a decision regarding a business based on the star rating and the first six reviews.

In addition, Google has begun highlighting the top three reviews of a business when individuals searched for a particular entity. Thus, making recent and positive reviews essential for business growth.

As a business, you can generate positive reviews by encouraging customers to leave reviews frequently so that positive reviews remain on top and monitoring online reviews regularly for instances of bad reviews.

Key Takeaways:

  • The majority of consumers use online reviews of businesses before making a decision on which company to use.
  • The star rating is important because it saves the consumer time in not having to read a lot of reviews.
  • Encourage your satisfied customers to include their review on your website.

“It doesn’t take a lot of time for consumers to form an opinion of your business based on online reviews. More than two-thirds (68 percent) of people form an opinion after reading one to six reviews.”

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How To Respond To Negative Customer Reviews On Google

Respond to negative customer reviews on Google

It just happened, you have a bad review, and it’s not a 3 or 2 stars but a 1 star. Now you have to learn how to respond to negative customer reviews on Google.

Be calm. Nobody wants to get a negative review.

As a business owner, when you see a negative review, your first reaction might be to take the low rating and comment as a personal insult. Afterall you have worked hard to be where you are, and even though you know you can’t please everybody, a bad review can upset you.

However, taking the review personally won’t help to handle the situation. You not only have an unhappy and dissatisfied customer but one who has put their nasty experience with your business online for everyone to see.<Continue reading

How Online Reviews Make Your Service Business More Successful

How online reviews make your business more successful

Your Online Reputation Matters

Most businesses lose and gain customers, because of their reputation and service delivery.

Business reputation, mostly online reputation nowadays; is a perception or belief about your business, based on opinions of existing and past customers.

The internet has allowed people the freedom to voice their opinions about almost everything – including how they feel about products and services of other businesses.
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