How To More Than Double Your New Customer Flow In 2019. Pull The Online Reviews Lever.

Use reputation marketing to 3.5X your lead flow

Five Major Online Marketing Shifts Affecting Local Businesses

Are you are running a local services business? A business like pest control, carpet cleaning, air conditioning or plumbing and electrical? Then this article will help you boost your lead flow and conversions in 2019 – by up to 3.5X.

You may not have spotted it, but there have been some big online marketing changes. These can boost or kill off your lead and customer flow.

And when you get to grips with the changes, it can put you in a position to crush it when it comes to getting new customers. All at the expense of your competitors.Continue reading

Responding To Reviews Increases Review Ratings

Responding to reviews leads to higher ratings

Responding To Reviews Increases Review Ratings

It’s the age of digital empowerment. Customers are much more likely to share good and bad experiences with your business. Now many managers have taken to responding to customer reviews. Managers do this to both:

  • Minimise the damage that unhappy customers can do with a bad review.
  • And thank customers for posting positive reviews.

But we are all pushed for time. So the question many local business owners ask is “are my review responses helping at all”?Continue reading

What’s The Best Way To Collect Online Reviews For My Business

The best approach to getting online reviews

I’m often asked what’s the best way to collect online reviews for a home services business. That’s enterprises like plumbers, pest control, electricals or carpet cleaning.

Let’s have a look at the options and some of the pros and cons of each:

  1. The first option is to do nothing and leave it to customers to post online reviews.
  2. The second option is to email the customer with a review request.
  3. The third option is some sort of systematised way.
Continue reading

Encourage Employees To Ask For Online Reviews

5 Star banner with heading encourage employees to ask customers for online reviews

If you have a new technology like a review platform in your business, you need to encourage employees to ask customers for online reviews to maximise the benefits of it.

An online platform where customers leave natural organic reviews could be very positive for those looking for a reliable company that offer your type of services.

Most of the time a new concept falls on deaf ears because this involves your employees relearning a skill. And most people get comfortable with a routine. So the question becomes, how do you integrate this technology or software where your employees accept it?Continue reading

Looking To Get Rid Of Your Bad Reputation?

Has your business received negative reviews? As you can imagine, this could significantly damage your hard-earned reputation.

Just one negative review can have a direct impact on your sales and prevent other people from buying your product or service. So what can you do if your online reputation is tainted?Continue reading

3 Ways Customer Reviews Can Improve Your SEO

There’s a lot of different ways you can improve your SEO efforts, but did you know customer reviews are amongst the most powerful?

SEO is most commonly associated with marketing content. However, it actually stretches far beyond this. Customer reviews have proven to be extremely important in terms of boosting your SEO efforts.Continue reading

3 Ways To Build Your Online Reputation

Trying to build up an online reputation for your local business? The good news is offline local businesses actually have it easier than online based companies. Why? Because you have the opportunity to encourage reviews of your business both on and offline.Continue reading

Boost Your Online Reputation By Being Creative And Unique

If you really want to improve your reputation and build up your brand online, it’s time to get creative!

Sure you could stick to the tried and tested generic methods, but that’s exactly what your competitors are doing. To become more successful, you need to stand out. In order to do this, you need to offer something different.

So just how can you stand out? Well, you can start with these 3 clever and unique methods…Continue reading

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