April 19

by Vossey

There are many ways to go about handling customer complaints. The reality of running any business is that people will complain about it. Taking the right steps to go about handling the negative feedback in a positive way is the key to running a positive business. There are some scenarios that are outside of the control of business owners. There are some expectations that are nor realistic for businesses to follow and that can be hard.

Key Takeaways:

  • The reality of any business is that customers will complain.
  • Taking the right steps to handling complaints will make or break a business.
  • The way one deals with complainers is the way they gain more people.

“Customer complaints demonstrate that there’s a mismatch between the product or service delivered and the customer’s initial expectations.”

Read more: https://gatherup.com/blog/how-to-handle-customer-complaints/

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