August 19

by Vossey

SEO has managed to stay on the very first page when it comes to google searches. This is a great achievement. Here are some of the ways we have managed to stay on the first page of google searches. Improve on your internal linking because the more google understands what your page is about, the more recommendations your page gets.

Research on competitive pages, make your site mobile friendly, move your most important pages higher so that they are more accessible. And also ensure your content has very many keywords used in searches. And among others, build other links.

Key Takeaways:

  • The internal linking structure of your site is one of the primary ways Google assesses what your site is about.
  • Start by using your rank tracking tool of choice to segment for your pages with keywords ranking in positions 11 through 20.
  • That means you should spend time looking at the landing pages for all the results ranking above yours and carefully compare them to your page

“Strategic internal linking means linking pages together where it makes the most sense for your visitors.Threshold pages are those that currently rank just below page one (traditionally, positions 11 through 20).”

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