4 Stats Reveal Why Reviews Matter for Local Business

Why Reviews Matter for Local Business

Why reviews matter for local business. Positive reviews are likely to increase the trust customers have in a business or product.

Getting positive reviews is an excellent strategy for small business owners if you want to see your business succeed because most purchases, studies say about 90%, are influenced by them. Getting feedback for your business is just as important, so updating your website with testimonials and improving web traffic by getting and growing reviews on multiple sources is ideal strategy for small business owners.

And if your small business is in need of reviews, simply asking for them will draw a positive response from customers. Putting a simple process in place for a successful customer to leave a review after they purchase is an ideal strategy to start the reviewing process.

Key Takeaways As To Why Reviews Matter for Local Business:

  • Reviews really matter and are necessary in researching purchasing decisions.
  • In local businesses, reviews can have positive impacts on increasing trust with consumers.
  • Search engines are used more than any other source to find company and product reviews.

“…reviews are an important part of what we know impacts a small business and their online marketing efforts. As consumers have grown more accustomed to using the internet to research their purchasing decisions, reviews have become an increasingly critical factor in the local consumer buying journey.”

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