May 15

by Vossey

There’s a lot of different ways you can improve your SEO efforts, but did you know customer reviews are amongst the most powerful?

SEO is most commonly associated with marketing content. However, it actually stretches far beyond this. Customer reviews have proven to be extremely important in terms of boosting your SEO efforts.

  • The importance of customer reviews is undisputed when it comes to helping a potential customer decide to do business with you. In fact: if one negative review shows up for your company during a search, it could cause you to lose up to 22% of potential customers?
  • According to Marketing Land, a massive 90% of consumers admit positive reviews have influenced them to make a purchase.

But here are 3 ways customer reviews can help as far as search optimization…

1. Increasing your rankings with fresh, unique content. One thing search engines look out for when ranking websites is fresh, unique content. Customer reviews provide this, especially if you encourage them on a regular basis and are placing them your website.

2. Better mobile visibility. The amount of consumers turning to their mobile phones to search for local businesses has increased dramatically over the years. Did you know that businesses with positive reviews are shown higher up in MOBILE search engine rankings than those without them? The more reviews you receive, the better you will rank on mobile search.

3. Search engines love companies with positive reviews. It isn’t just the fresh and unique content that search engines look at with customer reviews. They’re also interested in whether you’re getting positive reviews; especially local search engines. Google Local/Map searches always shows businesses with the most positive ratings first in order to increase customer satisfaction. So those with higher ratings will be given preference and will therefore draw in a lot more traffic.

Now you know how customer reviews can make a difference to SEO, why not contact us to find out how you can actually get them?

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